Foundations in Visual Arts

Foundations in Visual Arts (Grades 9 or 10) is a one-year course that teaches the elements of art and principles of design in the context of new media and entertainment. This Foundations course is designed to show students how investing in their own artistic development can open avenues for lifelong learning and professional success.

Through project-based assignments, portfolio development, and journal reflections, students continually return to their own vision, expanding their capacity to “see” as both creators and critical consumers of art and media. View a tutorial on the D/M/A philosophy and approach.

Curriculum Focus 

Students learn art techniques as well as 21st century skills through projects to design and create media products. Students engage in structured career research as well as career exploration by assuming the roles of creative professionals and engaging in visual problem- solving as those professionals do.

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Visit unit pages to read brief descriptions of each unit and to download unit materials (registration required). Related integrated units connect directly to the project work of their accompanying Visual Arts units. Integrated units connect with each other through a multidisciplinary project.
Please see Where the Unit Fits In in each unit for descriptions of integration with foundation courses, integration with multi-disciplinary teams, and other opportunities for integration.

Read more about the features of the D/M/A curriculum.