The Digital / Media / Arts Program of Study

The Digital / Media / Arts (D/M/A) Program of Study begins with the foundational courses and integrated units of the D/M/A curriculum. For advanced work, it recommends a coherent sequence of technical and academic courses and related learning experiences. Over four years of high school, students pursuing the D/M/A program:

  • Complete a full academic program to prepare for admission to two- or four-year colleges or other post-secondary programs
  • Complete rigorous foundation courses in visual arts and media and digital design
  • Take an elective sequence concentrating on one technical area (audio, video, game design, animation)
  • Learn to employ technology tools currently used in AME jobs
  • Plan and develop an independent, integrative senior project
  • Engage in structured career exploration, including interactions with industry practitioners and pursue work-based learning activities to gain practical, real-world experience

The D/M/A Program of Study is a resource for districts and high schools but also for students and families looking to understand how media and digital design studies in high school will prepare students for post-secondary education as well as a career in the AME industries.  Please see the file below for the full Program of Study.