Unit 7: Art Show!

In this final unit, students plan and host an interactive school or community exhibition to showcase their stories, the issues they are passionate about, and their artistic talents. Students select work from their portfolios to present, plan a coordinated display, and create public relations and promotional materials. During the unit students also hold a Career Fair, during which they share their Career Research projects. Students also meet with teachers in one-on-one conferences for portfolio review and reflection.

Unit Length: 18 50-minute sessions

Unit Project Description

Students work together to design, prepare, and host an exhibition of their work. Students continue to work in their curation teams, finalizing the theme of their section of the exhibition and creating a design for it. They also work in their exhibition preparation teams to complete their tasks related to space preparation, promotional material design, public relations, and, optionally, money management. Students complete individual presentation portfolios of their work and attend portfolio conferences. Students present the results of their career research at a Career Fair.  Ideally, students will have an opportunity to meet with people who work in the arts, media, and entertainment (AME) industry, who review students’ portfolios and/or provide an on-site critique of the art exhibition.

Unit Supplement

The unit supplement includes additional information about essential activities, notes on timing, one or more activities to support students' developing art practice, sample rubrics, and differentiation strategies.

Media and Resources
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