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Digital / Media / Arts (D/M/A) is a two-year curriculum designed for high school career academies or career-themed programs in media and digital design. The D/M/A curriculum meets national academic and technical standards and integrates learning in visual arts, other academic subjects, and career technical education.

View online tutorials on the D/M/A Philosophy & Approach, Curriculum Integration, and Foundations in Media and Digital Design.

The D/M/A course Foundations in Visual Arts has received University of California approval as an “a-g” course! Read More...


Foundations in Visual Arts

Foundations in Visual Arts (Grades 9 or 10) is a one-year course that teaches the elements of art and principles of design in the context of new media and entertainment.

Foundations in Media and Digital Design

Foundations in Media and Digital Design (Grades 10 or 11) is a two-semester sequence that introduces key media specializations: audio, video, animation, and game design. View a short tutorial that provides a overview of this course.

Integrated Units

One- to three-week integrated units help students understand how academic knowledge and skills are applied in a variety of work-based contexts.

Digital / Media / Arts is funded by The James Irvine Foundation as part of their Linked Learning Initiative. Because of their support, the units are available to download for free.