Foundations in Media and Digital Design

Foundations in Media and Digital Design (Grades 10 or 11) is a two-semester sequence that introduces key media specializations: audio, video, animation, and game design. View a short tutorial that provides a overview of this course. Students tell stories (fictional and documentary) through media while learning basic technical knowledge and skills in these four areas.

  • Audio & Video (Fall Semester): Students build skills in pre-production, production, and post-production tasks as they create audio and video documentary stories. The course ends with a screening of students’ work for community members and AME professionals.
  • Animation & Game Design (Spring Semester): With solid experience in creating audio and video, students turn to telling fictional stories through animation and video games. The course ends with a public event featuring students’ animations and games.

Curriculum Focus

Both courses emphasize storytelling, an essential skill for careers in arts media, and entertainment. Regular analysis of media productions helps students become more creative producers—and more critical consumers—of media and entertainment. 

Fall Semester: Audio and Video

Audio: Using Sound to Tell Stories

Video: Telling Stories with Moving Images

Spring Semester: Animation and Game Design

Animation: The Animated World

Game Design: Principles of Game Design

Visit unit pages to read brief descriptions of each unit and to download unit materials (registration required). Related integrated units connect directly to the project work of their accompanying Media and Digital Design units. Integrated units connect with each other through a multidisciplinary project.
Please see Where the Unit Fits In in each unit for descriptions of integration with foundation courses, integration with multi-disciplinary teams, and other opportunities for integration.

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