Unit 3: Community Storytelling

From the course: Foundations in Visual Arts

Stories—they inform, persuade, transmit history and our cultural heritage, reflect community traditions, and keep us entertained. One of the earliest forms of entertainment, storytelling continues to play a crucial role in visual arts and media. Students research examples of storytelling in art and media throughout history and across cultures, comparing materials and methods of the past with contemporary art. 

Length: 20 50-minute sessions

Unit Project Description

As students create their unit projects, they look to their communities for inspiration. In teams, they learn the story of a community member and then storyboard it for a short film. As an optional additional activity, students use a scene from the same story to create a page of a graphic novel.

Unit Supplement

The unit supplement includes additional information about essential activities, notes on timing, one or more activities to support students' developing art practice, sample rubrics, and differentiation strategies.

Media and Resources
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