Unit 4: Make Me a World

From the course: Foundations in Visual Arts

How do artists use elements of art and principles of design to envision, support, and enrich a storyline? To understand ways in which artists create evocative concept art for media productions, students study color and the design principles of unity, variation and repetition. In this unit, students examine how artists and designers use the elements of art and principles of design to convey the physical settings and emotional tenor of these imaginary worlds.

This unit is designed as the culmination of the first semester of Foundations in Visual Arts. Therefore, while completing on their unit projects, students also finalize their presentation portfolios. 

Length: 25 50-minute sessions

Unit Project Description 

For their unit projects, students paint original concept art to convey the setting and emotional tone of a TV show, movie, or video game. Students work in teams as concept artists and create concept art to present to the “producers” of a TV show, movie, or video game. At the end of the unit, teams of students pitch their concept art to teams of “producers” made up of classmates and, ideally, AME professionals.

Unit Supplement

The unit supplement includes additional information about essential activities, notes on timing, one or more activities to support students' developing art practice, sample rubrics, and differentiation strategies.

Media and Resources
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