Unit 1: Getting to Know You

From the course: Foundations in Visual Arts

Students learn to express themselves through artwork—and what better way than to create album covers that represent themselves as artists? Students create sketches and drawings, including avatars for online use, and develop mixed-media projects about their family histories. These mini-projects build students' fundamental skills and provide inspiration for their album covers.

The unit also introduces two protocols used throughout the course: the Feldman method to critique professional artwork and the Critical Response Process to solicit feedback on students’ work.

Length: 25 50-minute sessions

Unit Project Description

For the unit project, students design and draw art for their own solo albums. In preparation, each student creates three pieces of art that share something about who the student is. Finally, students learn some of the basics of graphic design, focusing on text layout, and use their three artworks as inspiration for the design of their album art.

Unit Supplement

The unit supplement includes additional information about essential activities, notes on timing, one or more activities to support students' developing art practice, sample rubrics, and differentiation strategies.

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