Video: Telling Stories with Moving Images

From the course: Foundations in Media and Digital Design

Students explore the power of the moving image as a medium for telling stories. They learn how to use the visual language of movies and TV to create a story and convey information to an audience. Students learn a variety of video production techniques, including using a camera, composing an effective shot, creating a soundtrack, and editing footage to create a coherent work. At the end of unit, students present a public screening of the video and audio works they created during the course.

Unit Project
Student teams produce a short video documentary about “the best” or “the worst” of their community—what makes it great, or what could change to make the community better. Teams conduct research about their topic and choose one story or vignette to focus their video on. Students shoot footage to use to tell the story primarily through action and images. They edit their footage into a video that includes titles, transitions, and a soundtrack. They then put on a public screening of their work.

Media and Resources
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