Audio: Using Sound to Tell Stories

From the course: Foundations in Media and Digital Design

Storytellers from ancient to contemporary times have used sound to engage and teach. Sound can evoke emotion, establish a setting, develop characters, and advance a story’s plot. This unit introduces students to principles of sound design and techniques of audio production that they can use in media projects in this course and beyond.  

Length: 35 50-minute sessions

Unit Project Description

Student teams create documentary audio stories to air on a school or local radio show or to post as a podcast. The stories can be personal anecdotes, explorations of a social issue, or profiles of a person or place in their community. Students tell their story through sounds that they record, including interviews, ambient sound, and narration. They learn pre-production, production, and post-production skills, including research, story development, interviewing, audio recording, script writing, and digital editing.

Media and Resources
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