VA Unit 3: Additional Resources for Teachers

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Related Curriculum and Writing
Sequential Art Project

This lesson plan for storytelling through sequential photography and comic book design is an excellent source for digital comic book drawing for beginners.


PBS Circle of Stories

PBS Circle of Stories does not include visual arts lessons; however, there are examples of individual Native American traditions and storytelling, including audio files of Rosella Archdale, Hoskie Benally, Corbin Harney, and Tchin telling their stories.


Personal Stories in the Public

What are the ethical issues around telling other people's stories?


Lesson Plans: Jacob Lawrence

Adobe Youth Voices
Adobe Youth Voices resources contain a variety of information about digital storytelling and using technology with students.


Additional Resources for Drawing Comic Books
Abel, J., & Madden, M. (2008). Drawing words and writing pictures. New York, NY: First Second.


Eisner, W. (2008). Comics and sequential art. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.

McCloud, S. (2006). Making comics. New York: Harper Paperbacks.