Career Connections

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Location Manager

Interview with Patty Doherty, Location Manager for Wings of a Dove:

Interview with Scott Clark, Location Manager for Breaking Bad:

Interview with Peter Novak, Key Location Manager for The Matrix:

Property Manager

Interview with Tommy Tomlinson, Property Master for Beverly Hills Cop, Die Hard, Predator, The Rock, Snakes on a Plane:

Interview with Drew Petrotta, Property Master for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen:

Interview with Ken Hawryliw, Property Master for Battlestar Galactica:

Interview with Scott Buckwald, Property Master for Mad Men:

Director of Photography/Cinematographer

Interview with John Simmons, Director of Photography for The Old Settler:

Interview with Roger Deakins, Cinematographer for No Country for Old Men, A Beautiful Mind, JarHead, O Brother Where Art Thou?

Interview with Robert McLachlan, Cinematographer for The Golden Compass:

Interview with Didier Noirot, Cinematographer for Blue Planet and Jacques Cousteau films:

Interview with Matthew Irving, Director of Photography for various independent films

Interview with Jake Messier, Director of Photography for various independent films:


In-depth interview with Debie Allen, Director of The Old Settler, on the process of making a movie:

Interview with Ang Lee, Director of Ice Storm, The Wedding Banquet, Eat Drink Man Woman, Sense and Sensibility:

Interview with Jason Reitman, Director of Juno, Thank you for Not Smoking:

Interview with Carlos Avila, Director of various independent films:

Interview with David Siegel and Scott McGehee, Directors of Uncertainty (2009):

Talk given by Spike Lee, Director of She’s Gotta Have It, Jungle Fever, 25th Hour, Do the Right Thing, When the Levees Broke, various commercials, music videos:


Interview with Michael Slovis, Director of Photography for CSI and Breaking Bad:


Music Video

Interview with Marc Webb, Director of films and music videos:

Short film

Interview with Jasmine Kosovic, Director of Kate Wakes:

Other Career Resources

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