Part 4: You Can’t Tell an Album By Its Cover. . . Or Can You?

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4A.1: Looking at Graphic Design
Album Art Analysis
Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant, Wyclef Jean (analyzed in the unit)

4A.4: Talking About AME Careers
Interviews with AME Professionals
Charmian Adams, Art Director, from Skillset Film Job Profiles
James White, Designer, by Abduzeedo
Rosie Rappaport, Art Director,  by Shawn Schuster
4B.1: The Critical Response Process
Slide Presentation: The Critical Response Process
You may wish to use this slide presentation, developed in PowerPoint, to introduce the Critical Response Process that students will use during the year to give and receive feedback on their work. You can download the presentation by clicking on the file below.