Additional Resources for Teachers: Part 2

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Activity 2A: Depicting a Scene

England—World War II History
BBC—History—“Churchill: The Gathering Storm”
BBC—History—“The Jarrow Crusade”
Germany—World War II History
The Weimar Republic: The Fragility of Democracy
BBC—History—“The Rise of Adolf Hitler”
Weimar Republic
Russia—World War II History
Spartacus Educational—Russian Revolution
History of the World—History of Russia—1918–41
France—World War II History
History of the World—History of France—1914–39
Italy—World War II History
Italian Life Under Fascism: Selections from the Fry Collection
History of the World—History of Italy—Fascist Italy
Causes of World War II
Western Civilization: A Saga of Pride and Prejudice, Peace and War—Western Civilization: Act III [from 1921]
Europe in Retrospect, Part Three—Reconstruction and New Order: 1918–1945