Part 3: Symbols in Promotional Media

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Activity 3A.2: Looking at Logos
Logo Analysis
Further examples of logo design at the AIGA archives:
Activity 3B.1: Bringing the Message to the Surface
Promotional Materials for Films, TV Shows, and Video Games
27 Dresses poster, Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery (analyzed in the unit)
“Does 50 Cent billboard promote violence?”
(Note: Use discretion when discussing this image with students.)
Blood Diamond poster, Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery
Web Sites that Display Promotional Materials
Crew Creative
A design agency for marketing materials—print, audio and visual, and Web
The Hollywood Reporter: The 37th Annual Movie Marketing Key Art Awards
Video Game Ads
Video Game Promotions:
Internet Movie Poster Awards
Turner Classic Movies: Photos from classic films
Activity 3B.2: Career Connections
Interviews with AME Professionals
The “O” in Obama, by Steven Heller
Interview with Sol Sender, designer of the Obama ‘08 campaign logo
Shadow Chen, Illustrator, by aloa for abduzeedo
Rebecca Thuss, Photo-stylist, from JuBella
Optional Extension: Activity 3D.2: Photography Techniques
Photography: The Rule of Thirds
Digital Photography School
Photo Composition Articles
The Rule of Thirds, by Photocritic
Still-life example: Prairie Spiderwort
Still-Life Photography
Shoe, Louisiana, Debbie Fleming Caffery, 1996
John Watson: Photography 101, Still-Life Photography