Part 3: Acoustics in Action

Note: These recommended Web sites have been checked for availability and for advertising and other inappropriate content. Because Web sites' policies and content change frequently, however, we suggest that you preview the sites shortly before using them.

Activity 3A: Sound Editing Software

Slide: Graphing Sound Pressure Levels

This slide shows the relationship between the movement of molecules in a sound wave and a plot of sound pressure levels. (Coming Soon)

Audacity Software

You can download this free sound editing software here:

Audacity Instructions

This document describes how to use Audacity to perform common sound editing tasks. (Coming Soon)

Sample Sound Files

These sound files include samples of a variety of instruments playing different pitches. They should be used in conjunction with Handout 12: Seeing Sound Waves. (Coming Soon)

Activity 3B: The Science of Sound

HyperPhysics Web Site

The “Sound and Hearing” section of this Web site provides an overview of many of the topics that students will research for their Acoustipedia articles. The subsections on auditorium acoustics and sound reproduction are particularly helpful, since they contain information unlikely to be found in a high school physics textbook.

Handout 16: Acoustipedia Topics

This handout lists one or more recommended Web sites for each topic. It is available online in order to ensure that the recommended Web sites are current. (Coming Soon)

How to Set Up a Wiki

If you decide to have your students create the Acoustipedia in the form of a wiki, these sites provide free Web-based resources.

Using PBworks in Education:

Wikidot in Education:

Wikispaces for Educators: