Part 1: Symbolism in Our Lives

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Activities 1A.3 and 1A4: Looking at Symbols, Round 1 and Round 2


Flower, Attributed to Banksy, from the post Banksy unmasked? Photos of the elusive artist surface



The graffiti writer Banksy’s Web site.


Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall

This Web site displays graffiti art and style writing around the world, including an aerosol art archive and links to other graffiti sites.


The Wooster Collective: A Celebration of Street Art

This Web site documents street art around the world.


Graffiti Interviews and Videos

Barry McGee Interview and Videos, Art:21



Body Politics, Maori Tattoo Today, Peabody Essex Museum

This exhibit features moko, the contemporary photographs of the Maori art of facial or body tattooing.


Tattoo Stories. Skin Stories: The Art and Culture of Polynesian Tattoo

Pacific Islanders in Communications

A documentary about traditional tattoo cultures of Hawaii, Polynesia, and New Zealand.


Activity 1B.1: Introducing the Project

Promotional Materials that Feature Still Lifes

Lost poster (analyzed in the unit)


Meet the Browns poster


Poseidon poster