Part 1: Activity 1A: Lend Me Your Ear

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Online Audio Stories
Example Audio Story Used in the Unit
Prison Visiting Hours
Eighteen-year-old Jennifer recalls the last time she visited her brother in prison. (Duration: 2:14)
Other Audio Stories
Story Corps:
Story Corps: The Conversation of a Lifetime. Hundreds of recorded stories drawn from conversations between more than 50,000 participants.
Cynthia Rahn remembers trying to complete a kindergarten class project.
Brian Miller talks to his son, Jonathan Emerson, about adopting him as a single dad nearly 10 years ago.
Adobe Youth Voices
The Adobe Youth Voices Web site has interviews, memoir monologues, and theatre pieces written, directed, and taped by teens.
Leila’s Eyebrow
A young Iranian woman confronts her cultural identity and learns to embrace it.
In This Life Nothing Is Impossible
A young immigrant from Puerto Rico has lived through very difficult circumstances but continues to have a positive outlook on life.            
This American Life:
This American Life: Radio Archive
A Hard Life at the Top
A story about a ritual that West Point cadets participate in on their first day. From This American Life: 20 Acts in 60 Minutes, Act 19, 48:50. (Duration: 4:30)
Geoffrey Canada, author of the book Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America, talks about what it’s like to carry a gun. From This American Life, Episode 81: Guns, Act 2, 15:53. (Duration: 10:00)
More Lies
An interview with a woman about a humorous babysitting mishap she had in college. From This American Life: 20 Acts in 60 Minutes, Act 13, 31:36. (Duration: 2:45)
El Salvador to L.A: One “War” Zone to Another
A teenager whose mother fled civil war in El Salvador talks about the violence in her own community of East Los Angeles. (Duration: 4:09)
Father Returns to Mexico; Should Son Follow?
A teenager talks about his father’s decision to return to Mexico after decades in the United States, and his own struggle to decide whether to stay and finish college or take his chances finishing his education in Mexico and job-hunting there. (Duration: 3:49)
From New Orleans to New England
”Fifteen-year-old Tyrel and seventeen-year-old Tevin Wooten lived their whole lives in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans. Now they’re starting life over at their new home, near Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts.” (Duration: 2:31)
Miracle on the Streets
A story about Miracle, a homeless girl who is also a crystal meth addict, told mostly through clips of interviews with Miracle. (Duration: 2:27)
A sixteen-year-old girl talks about getting ready for her quinceanera, which is like a Latina “sweet 16” celebration. (Duration: 3:01)
Ricky, The Banjo, and Me

David Barber-Callaghan talks about growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, listening to his parents and their friends play bluegrass music on summer nights. (Duration: 4:09)