Going Public (ELA) Part 2: Additional Resources for Teachers

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Activity 2C: An Artist I Admire
Information About Writing Critiques in Art and Other Disciplines
Feldman, Edmund Burke. (1994). Practical Art Criticism. New York: Prentice Hall.
Hobbs, J., Salome, R., & Vieth, K. (2005). The Visual Experience (3rd ed.). Worcester, MA: Davis Publications, Inc.
Writing About Dance by Robert M. Seiler
Writing About Music by Robert M. Seiler
Writing About Poetry—The OWL at Purdue by Brian Yothers
Writing About Theatre, Hunter College
Activity 2D: Analyzing Artist Statements
Examples of Artist Statements (Visual Art)
Billboard Project, 2001
Chris Woods, artist’s statement
The Face of Pakistan, 2002
Phil Borges, artist’s statement
General artist’s statement, for the Diane Farris Gallery
Elzbieta Krawecka
Threshold, 2003
Lisa Klapstock, artist’s statement
Examples of Artist Statements (Designers)
About Carlos Baena (Pixar animator)
About July Films
July Films Inc.
James Joyce’s The Dead, 2002–2003
Linda Roethke, costume design statement
Examples of Artist Statements (Film Directors)
Art From the Streets, 2006
Layton Blaylock
My Father, The Genius, 2002
Lucia Small
Operation Filmmaker, 2007
Nina Davnport
Thin, 2005
Lauren Greenfield
Examples of Artist and Curatorial Statements (Video and Podcasts)
Art: 21: Art in the Twenty-First Century. PBS Home Programs. Artist statements, interviews, and footage of
installations and artwork for dozens of artists.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Videos and Podcasts
Metropolitan Museum of Art: Met Podcast
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Audio Archive
Activity 2E: Writing Your Artist Statement
Information on Writing an Artist Statement
Cue Art Foundation Web site
Empty Easel online magazine: How to Write a Good Artist Statement and Resume
Incredible Art Department: Artist’s Statement, Submitted by Pam Stephens
Milwaukee Artist Resource Network: Writing an Artist Statement
“Your Artist Statement: Explaining the Unexplainable” and “Keep Your Artist Statement Short and Clear.” ArtBusiness.com articles for artists.