Going Public (ELA) Part 1: Additional Resources for Teachers

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Unit Overview
Career Connections
Road Trip Nation. A resource for students and teachers, which posts interviews with people in a wide range of careers.
Activity 1B: Listening to the Pros
Interviews, Articles, and Web Sites on Arts Promotion and Marketing
An Interview with Expert Web Copywriter Scott Smith from Search Engine Guide: The Small Business Guide to Search Marketing, February 1, 2007.
Ask the Expert. National Arts Marketing Project: A Program of Americans for the Arts.
Bamberger, Alan. Somebody Likes Your Art, Now What?
Baglien, Janielle. 11 Cost Effective Ways to Market Your Artwork in a Down Economy.
Fine Arts News and Press Releases. Fine Art America.
Activity 1C.2: Analyzing Press Releases
Examples of Press Releases for Art Exhibitions
National Gallery of Art: Exhibition News Releases
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Recent Press Releases
Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Press
Metropolitan Museum of Art: Current Press Releases
Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Seeing Songs
Examples of Press Releases and Teasers for Film and Television
Pixar: 20 Years of Animation Illustrates Marriage of Traditional Artistry With Technical Advances In Animated Films, from Creative Pro
P.O.V. Pressroom: Press releases by film
P.O.V. Programs on PBS: Teasers
Resources for Optional Extensions
Information on Preparing Press Releases / Press Packets
Artists Network: Write a Press Release in 16 Easy Steps, by Michael Chesley Johnson
(This article first appeared in the June 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine under the title “Get the Word Out.”)
Teaching Basic News Writing in Middle School—Writing a News Story
Web Marketing Strategies
Wilson, Ralph F. The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing.
Some Current Social Networking Sites and Services
at https://www.blogger.com/start—You can create your own blog, or online journal, through this site. You
may also have access to a blog on a school Web site.
You can create an invitation to your event, using this online service, then distribute it to the friends, family, and community members for whom you have e-mail addresses.
This site allows you to create an interactive page for your event, which people can access online. Facebook allows uploading of photos and videos, descriptive text, and members.
This site allows you to set up discussion groups or distribute announcements through targeted e-mail lists.
This social networking site is similar to Facebook.
This messaging service allows you to create and distribute promotional messages of up to 140 characters, called “tweets,” online or by texting.