Career Connections

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Animated Views: Interview Archives. Interviews with directors, artists, composers, and filmmakers.

Lead Animator/Supervising Animator

Interview with Scott Clark, supervising animator at Pixar

Radio interview with Shawn Kelly, ILM lead animator, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Interview with Starling Allen, lead animator for A Scanner Darkly

Interview with Daniel Lilleberg, Global Agenda lead animator

Multi-part interview with Mark Henn, supervising animator, The Princess and the Frog

Lighter/Lighting Technical Director/Lighting Animator

Interview with Neil, a technical director at Pixar

Interview with Dennis Muren, excerpted from Inspiring 3D: Lighting and Compositing by David Parish (Cincinnati, OH: Premier Press, 2002)

Storyboard Assistant/Production Assistant

Interview with Chris Belcher, production assistant intern at Nickelodeon Studios for Penguins of Madagascar

Storyboard Artist

Interview with Joe, storyboard artist at Pixar

Interview with Christian DeVita, storyboard artist, Fantastic Mr. Fox

Interview with Federico D’Alessandro, storyboard artist, Where the Wild Things Are

Interview with Enrico Casarosa, storyboard artist, Ratatouille

Other Career Resources

ConnectEd Studios includes “day-in-the-life” videos of industry professionals as well as a database of individuals who have volunteered to be available to teachers and students for their media projects.

Made in Hollywood, Teen Edition. Interviews with movie industry professionals, including some who work in animation.

Skillset Careers: Working in Animation.